People Reveal The Most Inappropriate Things They’ve Done At Funerals


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Funerals are usually a rather sombre affair, with relatives and friends paying their final respects to the deceased. 

So with it being an incredibly emotional and sensitive time for all those involved, you’re pretty much treading on eggshells and there are a lot of things you obviously can’t say or do.

However, because awful people exist in this world, there will be times where a funeral is completely and utterly ruined by some moron who a) wants to get into one of the mourner’s pants or b) wants all their inheritance quick AF.

Or sometimes even both.


To find out what was the most inappropriate thing people had ever heard at a funeral, Reddit user Graceful_Swan_Ronson created an Ask Reddit thread, and as you’d expect, things got very fucked up, very quickly.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy shudder at these absolute gems that you’ll definitely not want to utter or do at the next funeral you attend.

First, we have the creep who thinks there’s no better place to chat someone up:

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The guy who thinks everyone needs an update on his bowel movements:

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And this, which is just all kinds of horrifying:

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Of course, a funeral can’t go on without an inappropriate sing-a-long:

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Or two:

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There definitely isn’t a better time to be pushed into believing in some sort of God:

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Because you sometimes can’t even rely on those running the ceremony:

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And finally, some are just completely oblivious to the gravity of the situation:

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Avoid all these funeral faux-pas and you should be able to avoid any awkwardness and mourn your loved ones in peace.