People Terrified By Background Of Couple’s Romantic Selfie


People are absolutely terrified by this couple’s ‘romantic’ Twitter selfie and once you see it, you will be too…

Slushy selfies are often plastered all over the internet, so you can definitely be forgiven if you saw this in your news feed and gave it a cursory skim over at first glance.

On first look, it just seems to be another smiling couple’s selfie which no-one’s really arsed about, however, if you take another look, you might spot something wholly disturbing…

The couple are grinning cheesily into the camera which is fine and dandy if not a tad excruciating, but it’s their reflection in the mirror which is seriously creepy.

While you might not have even noticed this at first, or even think to peer into the background of the snap, when you do, you’ll see the freaky face peering back at you, from what should be the back of the girl’s head.

Just nope. But aside from being utterly horrifying, it does makes total sense, seing as her boyfriend captioned his now viral tweet, declaring his love for the ‘gemini.’

He wrote:

I love my girlfriend even if shes a gemini.

In case you aren’t clued up on horoscopes and what each star sign looks like, a Gemini is known in astrology for being the ‘twin’ sign – having two faces.

So we’ve got the context cleared up, and yet it still feels creepy AF.

Here’s some of the responses the couple received:

Okay, so the obvious truth Andy (the guy in the couple) has obviously been trying out his photoshop skills, but it’s still pretty messed up.

Even though you know it’s fake, you can’t help but recoil after you’ve done a double take.

Nice work Andy, you’ve successfully scared the internet.