People Think Emirates ‘Diamond Encrusted’ Plane Is Real

diamond planeSara Shakeel/Instagram

Being honest the little time I have spent in the sky has been cramped, sweaty and uncomfortable seeing that I have only ever flown with RyanAir.

While I do often daydream of flying first class on a luxurious Emirates flight to somewhere glamourous like New York or Dubai, I am pretty sure that will always remain a fantasy for me.

However, I may be tempted to start saving for a special flight experience as Emirates have unveiled a new glitzy way of travelling which has left me dazzled.

The airline took to their official Twitter account to announce the latest addition to their fleet, the Emirates ‘Bling’ 777 aircraft.

Knowing how popular glitter and sparkles are with people, especially during the festive period, the airline has covered every square inch of the plane, or so it appears, with diamonds ensuring it twinkles like the stars in the sky.

It is safe to say it sent people online into meltdown with the tweet garnering over 20,000 likes at time of writing (December 10).

While the replies section to the tweet was rife with speculation about how much a ticket would cost and which destinations it would take you to, sadly the the Emirates ‘Bling’ 777 aircraft isn’t real.

In fact the image was created by the talented artist Sara Shakeel who describes herself as being the ‘Original Crystal Artist’.

Putting her photo editing skills to use, former dentist Sara shared the photo on her Instagram page which she regularly updates with edits of images giving them a sparkling new look.

Ahead of a trip to Milan six days ago (December 4), Sara edited an image of an Emirates plane because she would be flying with the airline.

Alongside the image Sara wrote:

Waiting for my ride.

So ladies and gentlemen, I am officially flying to Milan to fall in love with art and to witness the love the glamour talent awards has to offer.

I have to remind myself and all of you again and again this all happened because some of you prayed and some of you sent some love to the universe and God just had to make it happen.

Just an ordinary big-eyed hopeful artist trying to live the best out of what the world has to offer. Love you and thank you. Can’t wait to share everything with you.

After the eye-catching image caught the attention of Emirates, Sara added a note to the post writing ‘I got a freaking upgrade to Milan’.

Like the tweet Emirates shared, Sara’s Instagram post also proved to be popular earning over 58,800 likes so far.

After making headlines across the world, Sara decided to celebrate and thank her fans by sharing another sparkly edit of the Emirates plane, this time focusing on the turbine.

Posting the image yesterday (December 9) Sara wrote:

So my plane has been in the news lately confirming whether it is real or not so before I took off I took another picture just to let you guys know it is real.

I truly and honestly made the diamond plane for the love of the trip and the excitement. Never in a million years did I know it will end up on the news all over the place. So thank you a million times.

Congratulations Sara!

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