People Wanted To Fill 150 Jobs At Research Stations On Antarctica

by : Cameron Frew on : 18 Dec 2019 12:12
People Wanted To Fill 150 Jobs At Research Stations On AntarcticaGary Miller/Amy Chetcuti/Australian Antarctic Division

Do you like adventures, sub-zero temperatures and penguins? Well, here’s the perfect job for you – only thing is, you’ll need to travel to Antarctica. 

The Australian government has put out the call for more than 150 people to come and work at its Antarctic research stations.


A wide range of skills are needed on the continent – with jobs available for doctors, carpenters, plumbers, IT workers, welders, electricians and chefs. So what are you waiting for?

Need some convincing? Check out the Australian Antarctic Program’s video below: 


As we approach the new year, there’s a big gap in the sector for the 2020-21 season on the world’s coldest continent. Whether you fancy a four-month summer trip or a full 15-month stint in Antarctica, there’s plenty of jobs available across a range of trades.


The wages are also absolutely spectacular. For example, medical practitioners earn a base salary of up to $199,031, while a job in IT will earn you a base salary of $74,469.

And there’s more – regardless of your position, you’ll be paid an extra special $60,974 on top of your salary.

Australian Antarctic Program 4Australian Antarctic Program

You won’t need to worry about renting out an igloo for your stay either, as all of your accommodation and food is paid for as part of your employment.


Naturally, it’s not exactly all hustle and bustle on the continent. As it’s particularly remote, everyone working there needs to get along.

As such, the Australian Antarctic Division assesses every applicant’s psychological and medical suitability for the job, honing in on their personal characteristics more so than for a regular job. The jobs are open to both men and women (although, 82% of this season’s workers were men).

Australian Antarctic ProgramAustralian Antarctic Program

The graft may be tough, but there’s plenty of jollity to be had in Antarctica.


Footage from the continent shows the employees enjoying a range of activities, from table tennis and pool to cycling on the ice and mountain climbing.

If you want to see the sights the land has to offer, you’ll be able to take in the aurora australis, as well as catching a glimpse at penguins and seals.

Australian Antarctic ProgramAustralian Antarctic Program

Amy Chetcuti, an expedition mechanic who recently finished a stint on the program, said you ‘won’t find a job like it anywhere else in the world’.


Amy said:

It’s about so much more than just a job – to see animals in their natural habitat… and there is also an amazing sense of community on station, you become one little family.

If you fancy a career on Antarctica, check out the job listings on the Australian Antarctic Program’s website here.

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