People Who’ve Come Back To Life Describe What Happens When You Die


People who claim they’ve come back to life from the dead have described what happens when you ‘die’.

A website called Near Death Experience Research Foundation, (NDERF), has collected a series of stories from people who have claim they’ve experienced the afterlife.

According to those who say they’ve suffered from near death experiences, when you die you’ll be reunited with your loved ones and will encounter a bright light.


Many of the accounts are rather similar, with several people claiming they met family members and friends who’ve passed away in the afterlife.

Of course this can just be a coincidence but many believe the similarities must mean something.

One person, known as Virgine R from France, who suffered a near death experience after attempting suicide claimed:

I was advancing towards a very bright, white light at the end of a tunnel.

My little brother Philippe, who died 12 years before, took me by the hand and was smiling at me while taking me in front of the light.

A strong, but not nasty voice, asked me why I wanted to die. I answered that the absence of my little brother was too hard for me and that my mother felt resentful towards me because of Philippe’s death.


A man who was almost fatally injured in a car crash said he met his deceased grandmother in the afterlife.

William C said:

My grandmother delivered the choice to me. I could stay with her or go back to my life.

She told me that if I stayed, everything would be OK. She said that if I went back to my body, it would be the most challenging experience I would ever endure.

Lauren K was also hit by a car and similarly said she met a grandparent who gave her a choice, explaining:

I went into an aura of all white light! It was totally warm and peaceful, pure love emanating through me and around me.

At that moment my grandfather, who had passed away earlier that year, appeared to me and we embraced.

‘My darling, you have a decision to make’.

I knew the decision was to stay or to come back. At that moment, I had an opportunity to view my life.


Being the largest near death experience website in the world, NDERF has over 4000 accounts in over 23 languages with half a million readers each month.

The website says its mission is:

To research and study consciousness experiences and to spread the message of love, unity and peace around the world.

Now, depending upon how you see it, it’s either the biggest load of nonsense you’ve ever heard, or, it’s a place where people can share their astonishing tales.

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