Personal Trainer Stops Sister Attending Family BBQ Because She’s ‘Too Fat’

Personal Trainer Stops Sister Attending Family BBQ Because She's 'Too Fat'Pxhere/Wikimedia Commons

Someone clearly didn’t get the memo ‘Family Feuds Are Meant To Happen At The BBQ’ after taking the cruel decision not to invite their sister because she’s ‘too fat’.

Everyone knows a good barbecue isn’t complete until several crates of beer have been downed, Blurred Lines has played at least twice and a minimum of one piece of garden furniture has been destroyed, and that’s before any conflict begins between relations.

Personal Trainer Stops Sister Attending Family BBQ Because She's 'Too Fat'Pixabay

One woman took to Mumsnet on Wednesday (April 24) to explain how her personal trainer sister took the unusual and cruel measure, because she didn’t want to look bad in front of her clients.

The post begins with the woman, who goes by Fireplace1 on Mumsnet, setting the scene. She explains how the sister set up a group chat between family members to arrange a date that worked for everybody.

So far, so normal, but then things started taking a turn for the worse.

She explained:

Sister set up a group chat with me, siblings, parents, etc about a big BBQ she was having as she wanted to find a date we could all do before finalising the date. We all listed the dates we could do, there were a number of dates everyone could do and one date I couldn’t. She chose that date…

barbecue meat flame burnPxhere

What a burn. Put in that situation, you’d be intrigued to know why your sister would do something like that, wouldn’t you. Fireplace1 pushed her sister for an explanation.

She wrote:

I pointed out there were a lot of dates we could all do and she came back and said she wasn’t sure I’d feel comfortable at the event as she was also inviting a lot of her clients, I phoned her to ask what this was supposed to mean.

The OP now explains her sister is a PT and she herself as a size 16 is ‘overweight’.

Personal Trainer Stops Sister Attending Family BBQ Because She's 'Too Fat'Pixabay

Skip to the end…

Cut a long story short she started by saying everyone going was really slim and cared about their weight (my anger rose to about 5/10 here), then she proceeded to suggest it looked bad on her as a personal trainer if she had a ‘fat’ sister (anger soared to 10/10 at this [point]!)

The burned sister hung up the phone, which she says she’s never done before to her, and took to Mumsnet for advice as to what to say to her.

Those in the comment section gave a resounding chorus of support.

barbecue sister overweightPixabay

One person asked:

Has she always been such a bitch? I’d be about 40/10 if someone said that to me!

Another said:

Your sister is being a bitch. I wouldn’t want to speak to her for a long time after this.

A third added:

Utter bitch.

I would do nothing. Let her stew. She is the one who should come grovelling.

My personal favourite:

Has she ever been this c*ntish before? I simply can’t imagine someone being so cruel? (Not [to] mention shallow and bitchy) you’re her sister ffs.

Fireplace1 responded in the comments her sister ‘isn’t always a bitch’ but can be blinkered and not really think of others.

Well, as self-centred as she already is, PT sister needs to sit down and have a long hard look at herself – and not in the narcissistic way.

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