Pest Controller Finds ‘Worst Ever Case’ Of Bed Bugs On Mattress Man Still Sleeps On

by : Emily Brown on : 26 Aug 2019 10:24
'worst case ever' of bed bugsCaters

A man from Maryland apparently didn’t mind sharing his bed with a few thousand creepy crawlies because a pest controller found the ‘worst case ever’ of bed bugs on his mattress. 

Presumably the owner did eventually get sick of his tiny guests, causing him to contact Bug Boys Pest Control, but there must have been opportunities to get rid of the creatures before the infestation got to the state it did.


Check out the horrific scenes:


Rory McCarty, from Bug Boys, found the army of insects after responding to reports of an infestation last month. He shared footage of the bed on Facebook, showing his colleague lifting up the mattress to reveal a swarm of bugs crawling underneath.

The pest controller could be heard warning his crew not to let their clothes make contact with the mattress, instructing them to lift the bed ‘carefully’ and keep a safe distance.


Rory has been tackling infestations for 25 years but when he saw the sheer amount of bugs in the Maryland house he commented ‘oh my goodness. I’ve never seen nothing like this [sic].’

'Worst case ever' of bed bugs found on mattressCaters

The bed, which the owner had purchased eight months earlier, had been taken over by bugs and eggs which fell from the discoloured mattress as the workers lifted it from the frame.

Hundreds more had found their way across the bed frame and to the carpet beneath, as well as across curtains, cushions and chairs in the house.


Rory explained bed bugs can be ‘one of the most difficult and expensive bugs out there to get rid of.’ The insects can bite, leaving red marks on your body, though according to the NHS they do not usually cause health problems.

Bed bugWikimedia Commons

While the thought of so many bugs would likely make many people’s skin crawl, the pest controller admitted he never gets sick of the sight of them.

He added:


I’ve been doing this for 25 years and it still amazes me seeing bad infestations, but I still get very excited like it’s the first time seeing them because we’re really good at what we do.

'worst case ever' of bed bugs found on mattressCaters

After Bug Boys shared the video on Facebook, many horrified people suggested they just burn the whole house down, or ‘throw the whole room away!’

While those suggestions would probably have been a sure-fire way to solve the problem, hopefully Bug Boys managed to get rid of the bed bugs without leaving the owner homeless.



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