Pet Shop Customers Had Some Ridiculous Responses To This ‘Gay’ Turtle

Amnesty Turkey/Youtube

Turkish society is still developing a tolerance for homosexuality, and this video proves how far they still have to come.

Produced by Amnesty International and ad agency TBWA Istanbul, this thought provoking social experiment uses hidden cameras to monitor the reactions of unsuspecting pet shop customers when they are offered a ‘gay turtle’.

And the responses are frankly ridiculous.

Check it out:

As reported by Konbini, the UN expressed concern over the rise of the anti-LGBT movement in Turkey, and on this evidence it is not hard to see why.

Clearly many citizens are in need of education.

Contrary to this fella’s belief, being homosexual is not an illness…

Nor is it contagious!

To call some of these awful opinions outdated, would be putting it mildly.

This campaign is not coming a moment too soon!