PETA Activist’s ‘Sick Dog-BBQ’ Stunt Leaves Kids Traumatised

PETA BBQ dog@cockroachBLUE/Twitter

The latest stunt by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), has left schoolchildren traumatised, after animal rights activists pretended to barbecue a dog in the middle of a street.

Their point was made outside a mall in the centre of Sydney, Australia, earlier today (January 24), while a man dressed as a chef pretended to cook the fake dog.

PETA were protesting against the eating of meat, encouraging people to ‘go vegan’ and asking ‘if you wouldn’t eat a dog, why eat a lamb?’, but some thought the group took their protest too far.

The prop dog was laid across the top of the barbecue alongside fake food – such as corn on the cob, mushrooms, peppers and onions – while the ‘chef’ pretended to grill them and prepare them as a meal.

Understandably, the stunt caused upset among children who were passing by when the ‘barbecue’ was in full swing, as the dog looked so realistic.

PETA 'bbq' dogPETA

People immediately took to social media to express their disgust at the stunt, calling it ‘sick’ and ‘twisted’ because of the effect it had on those who witnessed it – especially children.

One person tweeted:

I don’t believe in animal cruelty in anyway I believe all animals should be treated with kindness.

However I have no respect for #PETA they really went to far with the Sydney dog bbq stunt !! It was beyond sick and twisted and damaging towards the children who saw it ! [sic]

While another wrote:

@peta stopping to new lows with their stunt in Martin Place today – terrifying children on school holiday outings by barbecuing a (very lifelike) dog. I saw some visibly upset kids
#Disgraceful #stunt #PETA

While another added:

When you think @peta cant get any lower.. they pull a stunt like this scaring small children in sydney today… how about stop pushing your agenda on everyone else?! You should be disgusted. #Peta #Sydney [sic]

Despite the uproar caused by the stunt, PETA are standing by their actions, referencing the fact animals face a violent death in the meat industry every day.

The organisation notes lambs are torn away from their mothers, chickens’ throats are cut while they’re still conscious, and cows are hung upside down in abattoirs before they’re killed.

Emily Rice, from PETA, explained:

When it comes to the capacity to suffer and feel pain and fear, a dog is no different from a lamb, a pig, a chicken, or a cow.

PETA is urging anyone who’s repulsed by the prospect of chowing down on dog meat to extend that compassion to all other animals and go vegan.

Regardless of your thoughts on the organisation’s tactics, it’s got people talking – which, I assume, was the entire point of the exercise.

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