Petition Demands The Royals Pay For Their Own Palace


Thousands of people have signed a petition demanding the royal family pay the £369 million repair bill for Buckingham Palace out of their own pockets.

It was recently revealed that the London palace is going to have a major ten-year refurbishment, reports The Guardian.

The enormous bill will be paid for from a 66 per cent increase in the Sovereign Grant, which is the allowance the government gives the Queen every year to support her official duties.


But it’s safe to say that a fair few people are not happy that their taxes are going towards sprucing up the plush pad, and a petition calling for the royals to pay for it themselves now has over 84,000 signatures. 

Mark Johnson, who set up the petition, said: 

I’m all for protecting Buckingham Palace, but at a time when the public purse is so pressured?

On a day that temperatures dropped overnight, when the elderly are freezing in their homes and children have damp mould on their bedroom walls, to fund it publicly is something out of a Charles Dickens novel.

It’s up to the royal household how they fund it privately, I don’t think it will be hard to find the money, not as hard as it would be for the NHS to fund.


It is hoped the upgrade will lead to longer summer opening hours, more private tours and other savings in various bills to give roughly £3.4 million extra revenue a year and that the palace’s carbon footprint will be reduced by 40 per cent in the future.

Sounds good, but couldn’t they at least fund some of it?