Piers Morgan DNA Test Reveals He’s Not English At All


Much of England will rejoice after the news that Piers Morgan is zero per cent English and so we cannot be blamed for his creation.

The controversial presenter took the Heritage DNA test and his results were shown on Good Morning Britain, revealing that he is ‘more Middle Eastern than English’.

Tests revealed that Piers is in fact 91% Irish/Scottish/Welsh, 6.5% eastern European, 1.6% west Asian, and 0.8% Middle Eastern.


Piers was not fazed by his strong Irish heritage, but the Middle Eastern and west Asian clearly came as a big shock.

Speaking on the ITV show, Piers said:

The Irish bit I knew, but I never knew I had any Scottish blood.

I don’t seem to have any English blood at all. Not a drop. People always said ‘you were born in England, therefore you’re English’.

Actually, here is conclusive evidence that I don’t have a shred of English in me. I’m predominantly Irish, with a dash of Scottish and Welsh.

I’m actually more Middle Eastern than I am English. I’m more Arabic than I am English. Fascinating.

Piers asked if it was normal for most British people to have a bit of Middle Eastern blood in them, to which the MyHeritage researcher replied saying it was not common in British people, but everyone was made up of ‘journeys that their ancestors took’.

Aaron Godfrey from MyHeritage said that Piers’ Irish heritage dates back to the 1740s and potentially even earlier.

The ethnic heritage that the presenters learned about relate to something within their DNA that links them back to certain places, going back generations


Susanna Reid’s heritage was more exotic than Piers’. She was 35% Irish/Scottish/Welsh, 18% Iberian, 17% eastern European, 17% English, and 14% Scandinavian.

Susanna said she had no idea she had a Spanish/Portuguese history in her family.

A direct relative of Susanna also appeared on the show that people were saying looked like Susanna’s ‘twin’.

They shared DNA and were technically cousins and were both surprised to hear they had Danish ancestors.

Piers is also related to Robert the Bruce, one of the most famous warriors of his generation who eventually led Scotland during the First War of Scottish Independence.

Piers then went on a tangent saying he had personally traced his history back to Elizabeth Taylor and Che Guevara, but I think he may have been getting carried away there.

So now we know, we can shift the blame for Piers over to the Irish.

I’d be interested to do the DNA test now.