Piers Morgan’s ‘Gay Bar’ Tweet Sparks Angry Online Backlash


Oh dear. Piers Morgan hasn’t even returned to our screens after his summer hols and he’s already pissing everyone right off.

Outspoken Piers was enjoying a night out in London alongside supremely-tolerant co-host Susanna Reid and radio presenter Richard Bacon when he did what everyone knows what they shouldn’t late at night – he took to social media.

He tweeted a picture of the trio partying it up in the early hours, with the following caption:

A gay bar in Soho.
Good Morning Britain!

Plenty of people were confused about why exactly Piers had to mention the bar being ‘a gay bar’. As one person put it, ‘surely just a bar?’. Another remarked, ‘Why gay bar? Why not…bar?? Bar in Soho?’

The Soho selfie sparked a number of indignant tweets:

52-year-old Piers will be back causing public outrage from the Good Morning Britain sofa from September 4, despite having broken three ribs last week after falling on his bum.

The daytime telly menace recently tweeted about his return, explaining how he is ‘manning up’, which sounds slightly ominous…

Lets just hope, for Susanna’s sake, he is still chilled from his summer break/doped up on painkillers and won’t start too many arguments on his first day back.

We won’t hold our breaths.