Pizza Guy Posts Hilariously Honest Reason He Hasn’t Turned Up For Work


Even the most upstanding members of society need a break from contributing their labour to keep the cogs turning sometimes.

While most people pull sickies with the usual unoriginal excuses, peddling laments of 24-hour bugs and family emergencies, Blake Pendlebury took an entirely different tack with his loyal customers.

Pendlebury – the owner of Gaslight pizza in Eagle Heights, Queensland, Australia – was apologetic as he penned a sincere letter to his devoted customers telling them the shop would be closed for an evening.


Pendlebury closed Gaslight after he won big on a horse and ‘had a few drinks and cannot make it back into work’.

He penned the Facebook message to his hungry customers ‘with bittersweet emotions’, explaining – in his best impersonation of a sober man – that he did not ‘have adequate backup in the culinary department’ that evening.

I’m guessing his chef was at the races too.

It is with bittersweet emotions that i must inform you all that gaslight is closed tonight. I am at the magic millions…

Posted by Gaslight Pizza on Friday, 13 January 2017

Blake’s understanding public was quick to forgive him his oversight, congratulating the pizza place manager on his big win and his hilarious sick note.

Let’s just hope none of the other race winners were in need of hangover pizza.