Pizza Hut Employee Fired For Writing ‘Inappropriate’ Joke In Pizza Box


Pizza is one of the universal loves in our world which brings people together in a time of complete turmoil.

It’s hard to overstate the incredible effect fresh dough, tomato and creamy cheese can have on a person, it’s just a magic potion.

But one lady just wasn’t content with getting her pizza from Pizza Hut, after she insisted her delivery person include a joke on the box.


So what else was that delivery person to do, other than actually put a joke on there? It’s really not certain just what the unnamed mother wanted when she asked for a joke – but she wasn’t happy with the one she got.

The joke read:

What do a pizza delivery driver and a gynocologist [sic] have in common?

They both have to smell it, but neither of them get to eat it.


A bit risqué, no? But really, is this something to kick off over when there are so many bigger issues in the world?

To be fair, the delivery driver should have thought twice about sending such an adult joke on the pizza box, but if you’re sensitive about what type of joke you receive from a stranger maybe don’t ask them for one.

Now the delivery driver has been sacked and that means they’re out of a job just before Christmas for something that wouldn’t have happened if the woman ordering the pizza didn’t ask for a joke to begin with – because seriously who even does that?

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The employee who wrote the joke has since phoned the customer to offer sincere apologies after an official complaint was made, but she was sacked regardless of the apology.

The angry mother also took to social media to express her anger at the situation, and the joke has since gone viral – but not everyone is in agreement with what she did.

According to WJLA, one commenter wrote:

I hope you see it in that big, black heart of yours to call back and explain that you aren’t upset. Days before Christmas you got someone fired.

But speaking to the local news station, the woman defended her actions, saying:

It’s an inappropriate joke. There’s a time and a place for everything. My pizza box is not one of them. It’s a lesson learned.

The mother is apparently now suffering cyberbullying at the hands of people who have expressed outrage because the employee was fired.

This situation just hasn’t turned out well for anyone – nobody has come off particularly well here.

Pizza Hut have not made any official comment on the matter.