Planes Puzzle Leaves People Baffled


Puzzle lovers have been just ‘plane’ stumped by a new puzzle which is currently soaring through the strange skies of the internet.

You might think navigating your way through Manchester Airport at 4am – still bleary from last night’s Pina Colada – is a tricky business. However, you now have a whole new reason to get frustrated by planes.

A new puzzle is causing more confusion than when you have to navigate past the in-flight snack trolley to get to the loo without sending bags of peanuts flying in your wake…

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This puzzle – dreamed up by Airport Parking and Hotels – shows a bustling air traffic scene, with various planes shooting off on their flight paths.

One rebel plane is flying in the opposite direction to all the others and – channelling your inner air traffic controller – this is the one you have to find.

This may sound simple enough, however this task is by no means easy and you are going to need to harness all your problem solving abilities to get this puzzle off the ground.

Take a look at the scene below and see if you can spot the rogue plane:


Head in a spin? Maybe just rest your eyes for a moment on these baby polar bears frolicking in the snow.

Then go back and try and muddle out this decidedly less cute and cuddly brainteaser.


Now, it may at first seem the mysterious plane does not exist at all, but don’t let this initial difficulty drive you to conspiracy theories.

With a bit of patience and perseverance, you will soon find your brain clouds parting to reveal a logical answer shining through.

According to Airport Parking and Hotels spokesperson Nick Caunter:

This is a tricky puzzle but the airplane is in there somewhere.

Thankfully catching the right flight in real life is usually a little easier.

No offence Nick, but you have clearly never slept through your alarm and ended up dashing to the airport in mismatched flip flops and a jumper.

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Look away now if you are still experiencing mind turbulence as I am about to post the very same picture but with the mystery plane clearly circled.

This is your second warning. Fasten your seatbelt now and look pointedly out of your passenger cabin window if you don’t want to see this problem solver’s equivalent of an end-of-series spoiler.

Right, heres takeoff:


Did you get it in the end? Great stuff.

Completing a puzzle on the regular can bring numerous benefits for your health and wellbeing; enhancing your memory, concentration and creativity levels.

In the long term, puzzles can even help you ward off conditions such as dementia. Many doctors recommend doing them to help improve your mental health – a much more ideal activity before bedtime than just scrolling through your Facebook feed for the zillionth time.


I must say, now Christmas is done and dusted, I am getting pretty excited by the prospect of jetting off somewhere sunny and this puzzle has really got me in the right humour…