Plastic Surgeon Created His Perfect Wife And Proposed On The First Date

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 26 Jun 2020 17:12
Plastic Surgeon Created His Perfect Wife And Proposed On The First DatePlastic Surgeon Created His Perfect Wife And Proposed On The First DateTruly/YouTube

A plastic surgeon created his perfect wife and then proposed to her on the first date.


Veronica went to visit her now plastic surgeon husband David Matlock for a vaginoplasty after giving birth to her daughter when David suggested she underwent what’s known as a ‘Wonder Woman makeover’.

She has since undergone a Brazilian butt lift, surgery on her vagina, a labiaplasty and G-spot shot, liposuction on her chin, arms and legs, and botox. Prior to meeting David, Veronica had already had three boob surgeries too.

David said, ‘She opted for everything I mentioned… even marriage.’


Following her several procures done by David, Veronica has previously joked that she’s a ‘walking advertisement’ for her husband’s work.

David himself has gone under the knife too and had things such as state of the art fat implants injected into his biceps, triceps, calves and pecs to create the ‘perfect physique’ for himself.

Speaking about his surgeries, David said, ‘I just wanted to take my body to a point where, with exercise and diet, you couldn’t get it there.’

Back in 2013, Veronica said their daughter Isabella was yet to show any interest in fitness.


Veronica said:

We’re still working on Isabella to be more accepting of living healthy, you know? If we tell her she’s eating healthy she says, ‘oh no, healthy food doesn’t taste good’.

Isabella also said she doesn’t want plastic surgery like both her parents have done. She said, ‘I don’t really want to get surgery because it’s not really you, like, I want to be myself.’


Even though David had often encouraged his wife to go under the knife, Veronica insists that he still loved her for who she is.

She said, ‘I know that David loves me for who I am because when I walked into his office I was about 20lb heavier and he said when he saw me that it was love at first sight.’

I personally couldn’t go under the knife (because I’m squeamish as hell), but each to their own.

After being together 12 years, the couple seem to still be going strong and have been travelling round the world together. Surgeries aside, they seem to be really happy and that’s the important thing.

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    Plastic Surgeon Creates His Perfect Wife