Playwright Is Crowdfunding For ‘ISIS: A Gay Love Story’


An Irish playwright is fighting back against ISIS with an incredible plan for a piece of theatre.

The basic premise is that a drug trafficker is captured by terrorists and he and one of the commanders fall in love.

Ian Begley is the man behind the plan and he has taken to Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds to get it into the Tiger Dublin Fringe Fest.

He claims on the site that it will take €1,500 (roughly £1,180) to get the play into production, a small price to pay in order to challenge the terrorist group, in our opinion.

Tiger Dublin Fringe

Here’s the plot:

‘ISIS: A gay love story’ is about a young, gay renegade from Dublin (Owen) who travels over to Syria in an attempt to make his fortune by smuggling one million euros worth of cannabis into the country.

Owen is then captured by ISIS and held prisoner awaiting to be executed. The guards go through his phone and soon discover that he is not only a drug dealer, but also an open homosexual, which intensifies the abuse he receives.

However, one of his captors (Omar), who is an ISIS commander and also secretly gay, finds this fearless young man from Ireland remarkably enticing.

Owen and his three fellow prisoners soon discover Omar’s secret and come up with a plan to manipulate his affection for Owen with the ultimate aim of securing their freedom. However, once Owen gets to know him personally he begins to develop real feelings of love for him.

Can he possibly stay in a relationship with a man who committed such barbaric atrocities or will Owen betray him for the sake of saving his fellow prisoners?

Speaking to the Daily Dot, Begley said:

I was considering writing a story about an ordinary man’s personal ordeal while captured by ISIS – then I thought: ‘What if I made him gay?’ This soon opened up a whole range of ideas to work with and in a matter of days I realized that this story just had to be written.

I wanted to come up with a title that would instantly grab people’s attention and question what in God’s name is it about. The play is essentially about an Irish drug mule who has a gay love affair with an ISIS commander, so I wouldn’t disagree with anyone who said my play sounded totally ludicrous.

Ludicrously brilliant!

Please let this happen.