Plymouth Mum Shocked As Unborn Baby Turns And Stares At Camera In ‘Creepy’ Scan

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 14 Feb 2020 12:37
Plymouth Mum Shocked As Unborn Baby Turns And Stares At Camera In 'Creepy' ScanPlymouth Mum Shocked As Unborn Baby Turns And Stares At Camera In 'Creepy' ScanJo Greer/Facebook/SWNS

For expecting parents, baby scans are arguably one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy; getting to have a sneaky insight into what your child looks like as they grow and prepare to enter the world.


Unfortunately, pregnancy scans aren’t always cute little snapshots of what your baba will look like when they finally come out to meet you. Hell no.

In fact, one woman was left baffled – and a little freaked out – when her unborn child resembled more of a chihuahua than a human in their ultrasound scan.

Mum Shocked As Unborn Baby Turns And Stares At Camera In 'Creepy' ScanMum Shocked As Unborn Baby Turns And Stares At Camera In 'Creepy' ScanSWNS

Jo Greer, 34, went for the half-way scan to check that everything was going well with her pregnancy, but she got a little more than she bargained for.


Fortunately, all was well with the baby, but Jo was left stunned when the position of the foetus appeared to show it striking a pose with its eyes peering straight through the lens. I can’t decide if it’s hilarious or creepy.

Jo, who runs Elevate Dance and Fitness Studio, was so amused by the bizarre image that she decided to share it online – and has vowed to keep it for an 18th birthday card for her child in the future. That is genius parenting right there.

She said:

It was quite creepy, it was a bit of a shock. Me and my partner just turned to each other and burst out laughing.

Apparently there’s nothing wrong with it, but we were told it is quite rare that the baby looks at the camera.

Who knows? The little one could turn out to be Britain’s next top model with those posing skills.

Jo, of Plymouth, Devon, and her husband, Clint Jones, 42, said are keeping the baby’s gender a surprise.

She added: ‘We’ll keep the image and put it on their 18th birthday card as a bit of a giggle.’


Sharing the image on Facebook, Jo wrote:

So we’ve all seen the standard, cute sideways scan pictures, but this is ours.

Of course we got the usual scan pics, but then baby turned to face the camera which is apparently quite rare and highly amusing.

You can just imagine that beady-eyed face on the front of a birthday cake now.

At least all was well with the little baby, and the scan will be a hilarious tale to tell later down the line.

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