Police Force Face Backlash After Painting Their Nails

Avon and Somerset Police

People have been complaining to a police force after officers painted their nails to shed a light on modern slavery issues.

Avon and Somerset Police officers shared photos on their Twitter account on Anti-Slavery Day to highlight problems in nail bars.

It’s been described as everything from an ‘epic fail’ to a waste of the police’s time and budget.

However, according to the BBC, Chief Inspector Mark Edgington said the campaign ‘worked as it’s got people talking.’

He’s not half wrong!

Ch Insp Mark Edgington continued:

In terms of being out and visible on the streets, it rases the question.

People come up and ask why you’ve painted your nails and it starts the conversation.

The officers were highlighting the ‘Let’s Nail It’ campaign – launched last year on Anti-Slavery Day by the charity, Unseen, it brings attention to how people are trafficked into the UK and often end up working in nail bars.

Edgington added:

Some people will disagree with the campaign, which is their prerogative, but the campaign has worked as it’s got people talking.

It’s part of a much wider range of measures but we do need intelligence and information from the public and raising awareness is key.

On their website the force revealed how over the last 12 months, it’s dealt with 60 investigations in regards to modern slavery.