Police Officer Climbs On Car In Spain To Gift Isolated Pensioner Birthday Treat

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Heartwarming footage filmed on a street in Spain captured the moment a police officer climbed on top of his car to give a self-isolating pensioner a birthday gift. 

Toni Moreno was set to celebrate her 68th birthday at home in the town of Jaca, in the northern Spanish province of Huesca in the Aragon region, where she remains indoors to help prevent catching and spreading coronavirus.


With a visit from friends or family out of the question, the pensioner was looking at a lonely birthday, until her neighbours got involved.

Police Officer climbs on top of carNewsflash/Teresa Garcia

One of Toni’s neighbours, Teresa Garcia, heard Toni applauding two police officers who were walking the streets beneath her home, and noticed the pensioner later struck up a conversation with the officers from her balcony.

After witnessing what was going on next door, Teresa’s children informed the officers it was Toni’s birthday. The kindhearted cops then went to a nearby shop to buy a packet of sweets for Toni to help her celebrate her special day.


In the video, the unnamed officer can be seen climbing onto the roof of his patrol car so he can reach Toni’s balcony and get her attention. His partner hands up the bag of sweets as the birthday girl appears on the balcony, looking shocked and overjoyed at the scene below.

Pensioner comes on to balcony to see officer offering sweetsNewsflash/Teresa Garcia

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Toni’s neighbours burst into a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ while the officer passes the sweets for the elderly woman to retrieve out of a plastic bag, ensuring there is no physical contact between the two.

Toni went on to thank her kind neighbours and the officers for the gesture, and Teresa complimented her by describing her as an ‘exemplary neighbour’ who has not left her house during isolation. To ensure she does not run out of supplies, Toni has her shopping delivered once a week.

Police officer handing sweets to pensionerNewsflash/Teresa Garcia

The OAP can later be heard in the video telling her neighbours ‘We will hang out when everything is over’, and the video comes to a close after residents give her a round of applause.

Small gestures like the one shown by the police officer can go a long way in these uncertain times, and I’ve no doubt Toni was overjoyed to be able to celebrate her birthday with others, even from a distance.

According to latest figures from Johns Hopkins University, Spain has registered 64,059 confirmed cases of coronavirus. The country is currently on lockdown, which yesterday, March 26, was extended until April 12.


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