Guy Gets Savage Advice Off Girlfriend’s Dad After Filming Her With Another Man

YouTube/To Catch A Cheater

You’d be pretty gutted to be this guy. Not only did he find out his girlfriend could easily be ‘led astray’ but her dad is also a complete savage…

The cringey footage opens with the poor guy’s girlfriend chatting with a guy outside a cafe, with the situation escalating pretty quickly from there…

It turns out the girl – who has or at least had a boyfriend – was apparently easily swayed by the confident stranger.

YouTube/To Catch A Cheater

By the end of the conversation, the girl had given the flirty guy her number, agreed to meet him that very night and even said she hadn’t got a boyfriend.

Cue awkward reactions from her fella who just happens to be watching the clip back with her dad…

Unphased by watching his daughter be happily chatted up by a random man, he decided to offer his potential-son-in-law some unwelcome advice.

YouTube/To Catch A Cheater

Certainly not pulling any punches – even though the poor guy was already reeling from the suspicious footage – he said:

I just wish you’d dress a little better. You seem a little raggedy.

Ouch. That’s got to hurt. Not only did he witness his girlfriend getting chatted up by another man, her old man just totally slated his fashion sense.

YouTube/To Catch A Cheater

He didn’t stop there though, his next piece of advice was nothing short of brutal and completely unexpected.

He added:

What I would do, I’d probably be so pissed at her, I’d go out and fuck every one of her girlfriends.

You know. Just to get back at her.

YouTube/To Catch A Cheater

Wow. That was her dad speaking of all people…

Stunned by her dad’s surprising ‘advice,’ the boyfriend admitted he would not be doing that, saying: “I’m not that kind of person.”

I can also imagine he’d be pretty freaked out by her dad at this point, perhaps it was all a test just to see what he’d say…

Clearly not happy with destroying the guy’s fashion sense, he decided to crush him completely with his next sentence.

He continued:

Evidently, you don’t have something that she needs and you got to figure out what it is. It seems like she wants someone who’s more of a man…

YouTube/To Catch A Cheater

Yep, he went there and clearly had no plans to restrain himself anytime soon.

He then continued to rant about all the things the boyfriend wasn’t and that his rival had…

He said:

He had style. He looked confident. He was buff. You got to grow up a bit.

YouTube/To Catch A Cheater

The dad then got up and proceeded to flex his muscles, while feeling the poor belittled guy’s underwhelming guns.

He exclaimed:

Come on buddy. You got to start getting out there man… Right now you don’t look confident at all.

YouTube/To Catch A Cheater

Seemingly intent on destroying every ounce of the guy’s self-worth, he appeared to get angry and smacked the laptop in frustration.

He ranted:

She wants someone who knows where they’re going in life, not someone who is going to be pussyfooting about trying to figure out what the fuck to do.

He then delivered his final blow by saying ‘Maybe you’re boring?’

Here’s the full footage:

The conversation then continued with the policeman dad grilling the boy on how he’s planning on dealing with the situation now he’s shattered him completely…

Poor guy. Unbelievably uncomfortable and so painful to watch.

If that’s his daughter’s boyfriend who he’s mean’t to get along with, I’d hate to see how he treats his enemies…