Police On Hunt For Women Accused Of ‘Stealing $600 Worth Of Dildos’ From Adult Shop

Women steal dildos from storeWestern Australia Police

Police are on the hunt for three women who have been accused of stealing $600 worth of dildos from an adult shop. 

You’d think $600 (AUD, roughly £333) worth of dildos would be hard to slip under your coat or into your bag, but apparently the women managed to hide the items in their clothing before escaping the store without paying – even though one of them was wearing lace pants and a crop top.

It’d almost be impressive, if it wasn’t illegal.

The women were in the adult superstore Libido in Perth’s Northbridge on Sunday (November 11), where they were caught on CCTV in the store at around 12:10am.

Women steal dildos from storeWestern Australia Police

Two of the women reportedly removed the packaging of four high-end dildos before concealing them in their clothes, while staff members were distracted with other customers.

One of the women entered first and stole one of the sex toys before returning with a friend. They took three dildos, priced between $85 and $140 (£47 – £78), into the changing rooms without the staff members noticing.

They then left the packaging in the changing rooms and left with the dildos hidden in their clothes.

According to the MailOnline, store owner Garry Smith explained the women had stolen his best-selling vibrators, one of which, the ‘Come Hither Rabbit’, was valued at $280 (£155)

Women steal dildos from storeWestern Australia Police

Police have released images of the women in a bid to find out who they are, while Smith is offering a $50 voucher to anyone who can identify the suspected perpetrators – so I mean, you could treat yourself if you know who they are.

The three women aren’t the first thieves to target Libido, as the owner has explained every six months he loses about $2,500 (£1390) in goods to theft.

This is just a suggestion, but it seems like Smith needs to invest in some greater security measures. People apparently just don’t want to pay for their sex toys; they’d rather break the law than approach the counter with the goods.

Women steal dildos from storeWestern Australia Police

Smith explained mainly female products were taken, saying:

It’s just a constant issue for us.

We have a lot of issues, because we are one of the few retailers on the street, we’re open during night time to capture that passing trade.

According to The West, the store owner warned against anyone stealing from his store:

Without exception we will seek prosecution for every theft.

The message is, don’t do it.

If by chance anyone does recognise the three women, you should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit crimestoppers.com.au and quote reference number 9070.

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