Police Pilot Lands Helicopter In Car Park To ‘Buy KFC’

by : Emily Brown on : 01 Nov 2018 18:23
Police helicopter lands in KFCPolice helicopter lands in KFCBill Harington/Facebook

A police pilot is thought to have landed his helicopter in a KFC car park specifically so he could get his hands on a meal that was finger lickin’ good. 


We all know the feeling of craving fast food, and the greatest challenge is seeing a McDonald’s or KFC sign coming up and having the willpower to ignore it, to keep driving and resist the urge to swerve off track into the drive-thru.

Admittedly, it takes a very strong person to resist a good portion of McDonald’s fries or the deliciousness of the secret herbs and spices that are combined to create KFC’s mouthwatering chicken, so I kind of understand the pilot’s alleged actions, though they were very extreme.


You might be thinking, surely a police officer in a helicopter had somewhere better to be than at a KFC? Well, you’d be right, as according to News24 the South African Police Services said they are ‘following up on this incident’.


The helicopter came in to land in the car park of mall where the KFC was located in Komani, South Africa, despite the fact there was no reason for the police to be there.

CCTV footage reportedly caught the pilot of the helicopter in the chicken restaurant, queuing patiently for his food before heading back to the helicopter with his meal in hand.

The pilot is said to have swiftly started up the chopper and taken to the skies, his hunger apparently satisfied enough that he could continue his journey.

Bill Harington witnessed the unusual series of events and posted about them on Facebook along with a picture of the helicopter and the pilot.

Police landed helicopter for KFCPolice landed helicopter for KFCBill Harington/Facebook

Explaining what he saw, Bill wrote:

On Tuesday 2018/10/23 at about 14:00 a South African Police Service helicopter, descended down from the blue skies in the Eastern Cape and landed between cars and pedestrians on the parking lot of one of the local shopping centres in Queenstown (Now Komani).

This was not an official police practice run and or for any police duty concern, other than for this Police Pilot, to land, switch his blades off and walked nonchalant 30 meters into a chicken outlet; thus, not to investigate a crime scene or what so ever, but to queue in line for a quick take away and some gravy with it.


The post continued:

After this police pilot got his food parcel, and paid for it, he walked out, climbed back into his police helicopter, switch on the blades and swiftly flew away.

His origin and destination is unknown, hence, can we call it fair that we, the tax payer Joe’s of South Africa, have to subsidise, trained police helicopter pilots, to misuse the fuel, time and salary, we pay them, to maliciously and in misconduct, use state property, to go and buy a quick take away?

Speaking to News24, national police spokesperson Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo said:

They were on patrol in the Eastern Cape, but the question of them landing and why is still under investigation. This investigation into the landing in the Eastern Cape is an internal matter, we will look into it,

If the pilot did make this pitstop it looks like he’s going to be inn trouble – I hope the KFC was worth it!

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