Police Release Phone Call Of Man Who Called 999 For Help With ‘Putrid’ Chicken Smell

by : Cameron Frew on : 16 Oct 2021 13:36
Police Release Phone Call Of Man Who Called 999 For Help With 'Putrid' Chicken SmellAlamy

Police have released a 999 call from a man who needed assistance with the ‘putrid’ smell of chicken in his fridge.

We’ve all left things in our fridge a bit too long: the carton of milk that turns into cheese; the cheese that turns into mould; red meat that gets an awful shade of green. It’s a terrible habit; wasteful, both food and money-wise, and it leaves an absolutely honking stench.


However, no matter how radioactive your fridge may be, it’s not really an excuse to phone the police for help.


As part of its Think Before You Dial campaign, Thames Valley Police released the recording of a 999 call from a man who bought a chicken from a supermarket – but when he opened it the next day, it was stinking. ‘This is an odd thing to put to you, but I bought a chicken yesterday from Tesco,’ the man says.

‘I put it straight in the fridge without opening the bag. I opened it and the smell from it is absolutely disgusting. It’s putrid. I don’t know what to do with it, can you advise me?’


The 999 handler tells him it’s civil matter between him and the supermarket, but the man continues to ask for assistance. ‘If I paid for the petrol, could you not send a car out for me?’ he asks.

‘No unfortunately, we are dealing with crimes at the moment. It’s not under our remit for us to come and collect a rotting chicken,’ the handler replies.

However, while it was intended to raise awareness of misjudged 999 calls, people have hit back at the police for releasing the recording of someone who may have been elderly and struggling with dementia, or just needing a bit of help.


‘This is CLEARLY an elderly person that needs help. Perhaps even has dementia,’ one user commented. ‘Perhaps some time should have been spent stopping the talk of a chicken (wasting time) and seeing if he’s actually ok rather than sharing for all to hear,’ another wrote.

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