Police Searching For Madeleine McCann End Forensic Investigation To Save Money

by : UNILAD on : 08 Aug 2016 12:35
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British police searching for Madeleine McCann have announced they have ended their forensic investigation amid cutbacks to funding.


The decision to end all forensic investigation into the disappearance comes after scientific tests conducted three months ago ‘didn’t take the police forward,’ reports the Daily Mail. 

David Cameron launched Operation Grange in 2011 – an investigation into the disappearance of Maddie, who vanished aged three in Portugal nine years ago.

Police Begin A New Operation In The Search For Madeline McCannPolice Begin A New Operation In The Search For Madeline McCannGetty

The operation has reportedly cost the UK taxpayer £12 million since it was launched but is set to be scrapped this autumn as the police budget faces major cutbacks.


A source told the Sunday Mirror: 

The final forensics were carried out about three months ago but, sadly, they didn’t take us forward.

There are no plans for any further forensic work to take place.

It was hoped the tests could be carried out on hairs recovered from the flat in Pria de Luz that the family were staying in.

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Mr and Mrs McCann said: 

Until we have answers, until there is news, there will always be hope and we will do everything we can to help find Madeleine.

However, the announcement is surely a blow to the McCanns – who recently lost a £395,000 libel action against Portuguese detective, Goncalo Amaral, who questioned their version of events surrounding the disappearance in his book The Truth Of The Lie.

Operation Grange has taken 1,338 statements and investigated 60 ‘persons of interest’ but police have privately conceded they are no closer to finding Maddie.

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  1. Daily Mail

    British police searching for Madeleine McCann confirm they have ended their forensic investigation after latest tests 'didn't take us forward