Police Stage Terrorist Attack For Weirdest Wedding Proposal Ever


This is quite possibly the worst marriage proposal ever and it could cost this policeman and his mates their job…

Being involved in a terror alert is probably not the way most people would like to be proposed to, but a Russian cop decided this was the perfect way to pop the important question… but it seems it has backfired.


The lad and his riot squad buddies could be facing the sack after staging a fake terror alert on his girlfriend.

In the clip, police stop a car that the woman is travelling in and point a gun at the driver. They then drag her out of the car before ordering her to stand with her hands on the bonnet- how romantic…


One of the ‘attackers’ then goes to the boot of the car and takes a load of helium balloons out of it before handing them to the young woman. Confused? Yeah, so are we.

The crazy gesture somehow doesn’t put the woman off and through tears (probably of fear), she says ‘I will.’


However, the policemen’s superiors weren’t too impressed by their antics and Russian TV Channel REN TV confirmed senior officers were enraged after seeing the video.

The clip – which was filmed in the south-western city of Rostov-on-Don – came to their attention after it was posted on Russian social media network VKontakte.


Whatever happened to simply just getting down on one knee…?