Pope Francis Used To Be A Nightclub Bouncer And People Are Freaking Out

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Pope Francis Used To Be A Nightclub Bouncer And People Are Freaking OutPA Images/Pexels

Going from nightclub bouncer to head of the Catholic Church doesn’t strike me as the most obvious of career trajectories.

However, it appears that Pope Francis’s CV is far more varied and colourful than you might expect, with his holiness apparently having once been as deft at checking IDs as he now is at distributing Holy Communion.


In a move not many people saw coming, Pope Francis opened up about his time working the doors at a venue in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the city where he was born and raised.

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The Pope spoke about his previous position while visiting a church in a working class area of Rome, Sky News reports.

He also spoke about his various other non-religious roles, which included sweeping floors and working in a laboratory as a teen.


Now, Pope Francis didn’t reveal any cheeky anecdotes about his time on the door, and he didn’t confirm whether or not this helped prepare him for life as the most recognisable religious leader on Earth.

However, his admission has left people stunned, imaginations racing at the thought of Pope Francis stamping wrists and telling rowdy patrons to jog on.

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Many people have flocked to Reddit’s todayilearned community to express their astonishment, with one person joking:


Ffs, passing the pearly gates will not get easier when they’ve got a bouncer.


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Another reasoned:

If you think about it, it’s decent previous experience for the current job. Making peace, responsible for who gets in or not (club, church, heaven), keeping people in line.

Absolutely fair enough to Pope Francis for trying out different jobs while figuring out his path in life.


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