Poundland Has Sold 20,000 Engagement Rings In A Week

Poundland selling engagement ringsPixabay/Poundland

Some excited newly engaged people might soon find themselves with green fingers after Poundland sold 20,000 engagement rings in a week.

The budget retailer started selling the affordable jewellery earlier this year under the name ‘Bling Rings’, and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching they’ve been flying off the shelves.

While you don’t need an engagement ring to show commitment to your partner, being offered a glittering diamond is an appealing tradition, so the pressure is often on for the proposer to find the perfect piece of jewellery.

Engagement ringPixabay

Unfortunately, as materialistic as it may sound, the truth is most people don’t imagine their ‘perfect’ engagement ring to cost less than a high street coffee.

Poundland appear to have considered this, and have come up with a brilliant solution in the form of the Bling Rings. The company are encouraging people to purchase the product as a placeholder, meaning they can still offer jewellery when they pop the question, but the pressure of finding their other half’s ideal ring is gone.

Then, assuming the proposee says yes, they can pick out the ring they’ve always dreamed of for themselves.

If they say no, then at least you’re not out thousands of pounds. It’s a nice silver lining against the devastation of being rejected.

The clever product was spotted by a shopper in Poundland, who shared a picture of it on a Facebook group called ‘Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK’.

The ring is available in a range of colours and comes cushioned in a nice red box, with a caption on the packaging which reads ‘Because we promise they’ll want to choose their own’.

The Independent report over 20,000 people have already got their hands on a Bling Ring, with Frances O’Sullivan, Poundland’s jewellery and Valentine’s buyer, explaining:

Thousands of Brits are already quids in thanks to the £1 proposal. It’s clearly a gem of an idea and the nation agrees.

A spokesperson added:

These are beautiful placeholder rings because we know they’ll want to buy their own.

We’re looking forward to the Poundland proposal becoming the way it’s done. Our bling ring is setting the scene for the real deal.

Many people on Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK agree the idea is a good one, though not everyone was convinced about how romantic it was to have to buy your own engagement ring.

One person commented:

Why would anyone want to pick their own ring? Isn’t the point of it that the man you love has chosen it for you? Wether [sic] it’s to your personal taste or not you wear it, it’s damn rude in my opinion to suggest choosing your own.

Do you think it’s a good idea?

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