Pranksters Flood TV Station With News Tip-Offs, Turns Out They’re Just Simpsons References


Pranksters are using their encyclopaedic knowledge of The Simpsons to carry out some of the finest trolling you’ll ever see.

They’re sending in fake news tip-offs to Australian television news services 7 News, purely based on references to moments in the series and they’re absolutely brilliant.

They were originally posted on the Facebook page of Four Finger Discount on Friday, an Australian podcast dedicated to the The Simpsons.

Here are just some of the best interactions that have been taking place:

Fourfingerdiscount/Andrew Schwebel
Fourfingerdiscount/Ben Litho
Fourfingerdiscount/Heath Rips Sims
Fourfingerdiscount/Luke Hull
Fourfingerdiscount/Thomas James
Fourfingerdiscount/Thomas James

It still remains unclear why 7 News has been the butt of the joke, but it didn’t take them long to figure it out. Some of their admins have even started playing along with the joke by responding to potential eyewitness accounts of real-life crimes with pictures from The Simpsons.

Fourfingerdiscount/Chris Chapman

But not Penny though. Penny from 7 News Perth is fucking done with this shit:

Oh internet, you’ve done it again.