Pregnant 17-Year-Old Given Three Months To Live Just Before Christmas


A pregnant teenager who’s been diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour has been given just three to nine months to live.

17-year-old Dana Scatton, who is seven months pregnant with a baby girl, has a rare brain tumour known as DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma).

Approximately 300 children are diagnosed each year in the US, most commonly those between age five and nine and unfortunately, there’s ‘very little development in research and treatment’ meaning there’s ‘no effective treatment and no chance of survival’.

Dana Scatton/Facebook

Dana and her boyfriend Tyler, 21, chose the name Aries for their daughter, who’ll stay in her mum, Lenore’s care while she has her treatment.

The teenager’s brother, JJ, has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for his sister, as well as Aries.

JJ writes:

Any amount can make a difference, but if you’re not in a position to donate, we ask that you please pray for Dana and baby Aries.

The funding that we receive will go towards Dana’s treatment, and any treatment necessary for Aries.

Doctors are trying to press to deliver the baby within the next three weeks so Dana can begin radiation therapy immediately, which could prolong her life to nine months and would also decrease the baby’s risk of complications.

Without treatment, doctors have given Dana ‘two to three months to live’.

Dana told Daily Mail Online at the end of November she started finding it difficult to speak, by the beginning of December she went to catch the bus to school and her legs began to ‘feel limp’ – she was unable to walk properly.

She said:

I noticed that it took me a little to swallow, then walking got harder and it was even hard to speak.

I thought it could be the way the baby was sitting on nerves.

Facebook/Dana Scatton

Less than two weeks after feeling her first symptoms, Dana told her doctor what she was experiencing during a routine visit to check on the baby.

The next day she had a cat scan and the MRI found a large tumour on the base of her brain.

Dana said the first thing that went through her mind when she heard the diagnosis was: ‘Is my baby going to be okay?’

As she’s pregnant, there’s been hesitation to begin radiation, which could prolong her life to nine months if it’s started immediately.

Facebook/Dana Scatton

With Dana’s symptoms worsening each day, the doctors do not recommend waiting any longer.

The teen, who danced for 13 years as well as playing soccer and basketball, is now having difficulties with everyday tasks.

Dana said:

I can’t do as much for myself anymore, like not being able to put my pants on without probably falling.

I’m not going to go by what they say, I’m expecting a miracle.

Both Dana’s mum, and father, Robert, have taken time off of their jobs at Amazon and a YMCA to take care of their daughter.

Dana added: ‘I just want to be a wonderful mother.’