President Trump Caught Swearing Into A ‘Hot Mic’ On Live Television

by : Emily Brown on : 12 Mar 2020 12:16

Donald Trump was caught swearing into a ‘hot mic’ ahead of his speech about the United States’ response to tackling coronavirus. 


The president spoke at a press conference at the Oval Office on Wednesday, March 11, where he announced a 30-day travel ban to and from Europe, as well as saying he’d ask Congress to provide payroll tax relief and waivers for small businesses in the wake of the outbreak.

The speech was live-streamed on C-SPAN and no doubt attracted millions of viewers, but anyone who tuned in early would have caught the moment Trump lost his cool.

Trump ImpeachmentTrump ImpeachmentPA Images

Those in charge of the stream turned on Trump’s microphone before the video went live, so viewers got a rare insight into the POTUS’ speech prep. It seems he must have been checking out his appearance before being broadcast to the nation, because through the mic Trump could be heard sighing: ‘Oh f*ck. Uh oh, I’ve got a pen mark.’


Check it out here:

He then proceeded to ask his staff whether anyone had any ‘white stuff’. It’s possible he was referring to Tip-Ex, or Wite-Out, in an attempt to cover up the stain, alternatively he might have been requesting literally anything white which he could just place over the ink.

Either way, it seems he found a solution because there was no obvious pen mark visible when the president finally appeared on screen.

Donald Trump response to coronavirusDonald Trump response to coronavirusAP

We can’t really blame Trump for swearing on this occasion – presenting a plan in response to a health pandemic comes with quite a lot of pressure.

Coronavirus has caught the attention of the world and has left many panicking, not least because of the spread of misinformation, so US residents obviously would have been keen to hear what the president had to say on the matter.

Evidently, Trump wanted to appear presentable, serious and pen mark-free while presenting his plan, and when he realised he was at risk of appearing scruffy he just couldn’t help but drop an f-bomb.

Donald Trump Finally Admits He Does Look OrangeDonald Trump Finally Admits He Does Look OrangePA Images

The chaos that marked the beginning of the speech continued throughout, as many viewers were left confused by the plan Trump presented.

After announcing what he said was a 30-day ban on travel to the US by Europeans and restrictions on cargo, Trump had to take to Twitter to clarify he was stopping travel and not trans-Atlantic trade in goods. The restrictions also only apply to countries belonging to the 26-member Schengen passport-free zone, which does not included Britain and Ireland.

Officials added Trump’s plan did not apply to Americans or US permanent residents, though such travellers would face mandatory quarantines, CNN reports.

The end of the speech was the cherry on top of a relatively unsuccessful performance from the president, as C-SPAN continued to share an insight into Trump’s life after the speech, when it kept the cameras rolling for a good few moments before finally shutting down the stream.

Take a look here – if you can bare the awkward eye contact:

Viewers could see the president remove his mic before sitting uncomfortably, staring at the camera for about 10 seconds, during which time he was probably wondering whether he’d got away with his pen cover-up and desperately hoping for the cameras to turn off, before saying ‘OK’ with a considerable sigh.

The unplanned aspects of the stream provided some light relief to what was otherwise a serious topic, so while Trump might not be the most reliable person to turn to in times of need, at least we can rely on him for some laughs.

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