Priest Claims That Demons Can Now Send Threatening Text Messages

by : Jade Dadalica on : 02 Sep 2021 19:26
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Demons have found out how to manipulate technology and send threatening text messages, according to a priest.

Stephen Rossetti – a professional psychologist and counsellor – has claimed these demons can send menacing text messages to tease their victims, families and any priests trying to save them.


According to the priest, he has seen ‘three cases in which demons have texted the team and/or the family of the possessed person.’

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‘Two of these cases were the most difficult cases we have had so far, and the third involved a pious family with priestly and religious vocations among the children’, he added, as per Daily Star.

He described all the so-called targets as ‘high value’, with ‘high-ranking, powerful demons involved’.


The 70-year-old revealed examples of some of the messages allegedly sent by demons. One haunting message said, ‘Her torments start now, priest… all night. We will make her bleed.’

While another demon reportedly texted to say, ‘We’re glad she’s away from you now.’

Priest Claims That Demons Can Now Send Threatening Text Messages (Pixabay)Pixabay

Rossetti describes the so-called ‘demon texting’ in his book, Diary Of An American Exorcist, where he makes reference to the demonic meddling with technology that occurs in most horror films, where demons flicker lights and target televisions, adding that demons messing with technology is nothing new.


The priest, who conducts many exorcisms, said in one instance a man possessed by a demon woke up with ‘huge claw marks’ all over his back.

‘It looked like a huge beast took their claws and raked across their back. Five claw marks about two feet long and about two inches wide and it looked really ugly’, he said.

Rossetti, with the help of his team, performs up to 20 exorcisms a week in Washington, DC, and is a well-known priest in the US, having appeared on Larry King Live.

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