Prince Philip Stuns Onlookers With ‘Risky Joke’ Directed At Bearded Man

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Prince Philip may have retired from his official royal duties, but the 96-year-old menace is still causing absolute carnage.

Unlike the Disney princes we knew and loved as children, His Royal Highness often struggles to keep things charming, or even civil.

After he was let loose on crowds at Sandringham to wish them a happy new year, the royal rebel couldn’t resist having a pop at a man with a long, ginger beard.

Leading the royal procession to a morning service at St Mary Magdalene church, the original IRL troll fired a dark joke which is sure to keep Queen Elizabeth II cringing throughout 2018.

The prehistoric Duke of Edinburgh was apparently so startled by this distinctive red beard, he actually pointed and remarked to one of his royal bodyguards: ‘Is that a terrorist?’.

The mortifying incident was relayed to The Daily Mail by an onlooker who – thankfully – reported how the bearded man was amused rather than insulted:

He was obviously having a little joke, but he said it within earshot of the man who burst out laughing and appeared to find the whole thing hilarious.

I think Philip knew he was going to be overheard. I’m sure Philip didn’t mean any harm.

His grandson Prince Harry has a ginger beard, so perhaps Philip had been cracking jokes about that over Christmas.

Look, staying with your future in-laws over the Christmas period is a trial in itself, especially if you are expected to act like an actual princess-to-be.

However, Meghan Markle deserves an actual Duke of Edinburgh award for putting up with Philip’s incessant joke-making over the turkey dinner.

I would wager playing Articulate against this man would be far more strenuous than climbing up a local hill with your geography teacher and a block of emergency Kendal Mint Cake.

I can only hope there was a decent supply of Baileys at the Sandringham estate this yuletide…

Although he can be rude – and sometimes outright offensive – the regal rascal certainly has gaffed his way into the nation’s affections.

Even the Queen praised her husband’s ‘unique sense of humour’ in her Christmas day address to the British people.

The royal couple apparently make each other laugh, which is of course the magic ingredient to ensuring a happy long-term relationship.

The couple celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary during 2017, so they are clearly doing something right.

Her Majesty also thanked him for the continued support he has given her throughout the duration of her long reign, even after his recent retirement.

However, I’m sure fellow fans of The Crown were a little split over this particular assertion.

That heartbreaking moment when Elizabeth finds the picture of the ballerina in her wayward husband’s luggage! When Philip forces Elizabeth to send delicate, sensitive Charles to grim Gordonstoun!

I’m still really not over it…

Shine on Prince Philip, you crazy diamond tiara. I’m sure you have some real toe-curlers up your sleeve for 2018, and it would probably feel weird if you didn’t at this point.