Pro-Gun Mum’s Reaction To Being Shot By Son Says A Lot About Gun Control


You might remember a few days ago in what might be the most ironic stories in recent memory that a pro-gun poster girl was accidentally shot in the back by her four-year-old son.

You’d think being shot and almost killed by your child might change your views on gun control, but not Jamie Gilt, oh no.

Instead it seems she is completely ignoring her close shave with death and carrying on with her pro-gun stance anyway. I don’t think this fucking moron will ever learn.

Speaking to The Sun, Jamie’s mum, Jane Bramble said:

All the gun control people are jumping on this, but it will not change her opinion about owning guns. She is very pro gun and will not change her opinion about owning them. She will keep her guns and I’m happy that she will.


Just, wow. Apparently Jamie’s son is being looked after by her mum and they’ve still failed to explain how he got hold of her gun in the first place.

Jane added:

If they try to take our guns from us, they’ll just go into the hands of criminals. People own guns here, it’s our way of life – hunting and shooting. But I’d still own a gun if I lived in New York City. It was just a freakish accident, Jamie’s done nothing wrong. People are trying to make it into something it’s not, we are not criminals, we are the victims here.

So much logic right there, obviously.

Days before the shooting Gilt had used social media to support the right to own guns and boasted that her son knew how to shoot.

Police say that Gilt was driving to her sister’s home near Jacksonville, Florida, when her son found her.45 semi-automatic handgun on the floor of the vehicle before firing a single shot into the driver’s seat. The bullet passed through her back and exited out of her stomach.

She was flown by air ambulance to the UF Hospital in Gainesville where she remains in a stable condition.

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office said Gilt could face a first degree misdemeanour charge of negligence if it was found the boy had easy access to the gun.


Some people will never learn.