Psychic Tells Us What To Expect From 2021

by : Julia Banim on : 29 Dec 2020 16:57
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For many people across the globe, 2020 will have been a particularly difficult year, bringing challenges few of us could ever have envisioned.

With a new year on the way, I am hopeful for a new start, with the roll out of the coronavirus vaccine offering a much needed light at the end of an extremely dark and dismal tunnel.


If you’re even a tenth as nosy as I am, you’ll already be longing for a sneak peek at what 2021 has in store, from the celeb goss to the big global events that will have us debating in our – hopefully IRL – pubs and offices.

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Unfortunately, the Ghost of Christmasses Yet To Come was unavailable for comment. However, we were able to get hold of Anne Jirsch, a psychic who has made some startlingly accurate predictions over the course of her lengthy career.

The author of five books, Anne has previously predicted Brexit, the Japanese tsunami and the attack on the Twin Towers. She also rightly predicted the invasion of Iraq and that there would be ‘a Black US president followed by a blond president’.


Eerily, Anne’s second book The Future is Yours (2007) contained the chillingly accurate prediction that, ‘more people will work from home and become more isolated’.

Anne has now told UNILAD that ‘next year will shape many years to come’, advising:

For 2021 the key word is adaptable. The world will keep changing but the adaptable will thrive. Those who hold back and are fearful will slide backwards. In 2021 fortune will favour the bold and innovative.

psychicAnne Jirsch

It would certainly seem as though there are plenty of newsworthy events on the horizon, with Anne predicting various significant developments in the world of politics and current affairs.

She believes that more countries will begin the process of leaving the European Union, and remarks that she has seen Italy leave ‘for many years’ now.

Two further nations – which Anne hasn’t named – will also begin the process, and it will be these countries that the UK will form trade alliances with.

Anne said:


The UK will be interesting, it will take time to settle down from Brexit but overall it is in better shape than people realise.

I have the feeling many big trade deals are already in the making but haven’t been revealed yet. I see new faces coming up through the ranks, younger fresher and more positive. The old guard will be fading into the background as the new energy takes over.


Anne believes that both the UK and the US will ‘be unsettled for a few years’, with her main concern being the potential for President-elect Joe Biden’s administration to get involved in ‘overseas skirmishes’ with the potential to escalate.

She also warned:


Don’t write off Donald Trump, I see his influence growing. He will be involved in a number of peace talks throughout the world and will create a powerful new way of communicating via social media and new TV channels.

On a broader scale, Anne predicts that there will be ‘dramatic changes in leadership’ across a variety of countries, noting that ‘the good news is people will be ready to step in when needed’.

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She continued:

COVID is just the first of many things that will change our lives. There will be localised problems in some countries, anything from fires, to earthquakes to viruses. All will be contained but could make certain places off limits for a time.

People making a positive contribution to the world will be more recognised. I see some charismatic but slightly nerdy people taking centre stage.

Don’t presume that as the virus settles down the world will get back to normal. Proceed slowly and expect the unexpected.

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It looks as though it’s also going to be a hectic old year in the world of celeb. She sees a new baby on the way for the Beckham family in 2021 or possibly 2022, while she expects Katy Perry will become pregnant with her second child.

Harry Styles will apparantly be a ‘busy lad’ in the year to come, pouring extra focus into his acting career for which Anne predicts he will earn critical acclaim. She’s also predicted that we should expect ‘a surprise new album’ from the former One Direction star.

Continuing to gaze into the pop music crystal ball, Anne added that Little Mix ‘have a feeling of being let down’, although she isn’t sure ‘by who or what’:

I get the sense something has rocked them. They need to take time out. Getting back together too soon would cause stress.

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Among those Anne believes will undergo big changes this year is none other than Kim Kardashian-West, who has of course recently said goodbye to the long-running reality show which elevated her to fame and fortune, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Anne remarked that Kim will discover ‘a new strength’ over the coming two years:

She will have challenges and will decide to take time out to think about her life. She will spend more time alone with her children. She will come into a new phase where she uses her influence in a new way; guiding people into self acceptance.

There also looks set to be plenty of drama on the way for the British royal family, with Anne hinting that there are ‘scandals’ to come.

One of these scandals could well involve a newer addition to the royal family – possibly Meghan Markle – while a senior member is set to ‘fade into the background as accusations are made backed with strong evidence’.

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In terms of the trends we’ll be seeing in the year to come, Anne has predicted that there will be an ’80’s resurgence’ with people craving ‘bright colours and cheesy music’.

Fashionistas will also be keen to shop conscientiously, with ‘overpriced designer items’ giving way to sutainable and recycled clothes.

Anne has advised designers to consider ‘a new and more ethical way or bringing their designs to the world’ in keeping with this change in the tides.

She has also predicted ‘a rise in creative cottage industries’, stating:

Anything from music to documentaries, from art to film. Expect the stars of the future to be working from their mum’s garage or their back bedroom.

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With the year we’ve had, it’s inevitable that we will want to be making some changes to the way we do things, looking for better ways to work, socialise and stay healthy.

Anne revealed:

2020 has shown people they can work in a different way. It has jolted us out of our 9-5 mindset. We will become more flexible in our approach to work.

In terms of what exercise will look like in 2021 – after a year of at-home workouts – Anne predicts that ‘outside fitness activities will be the new ‘going out’, and that we will see ‘many outside events in all weathers’, in places such as parks and even shopping precincts.

With many of us having spent far too much time scrolling through social media this year, Anne predicts we are due a significant gear shift in how we interact online, and that ‘the current social media platforms will start to lose favour over the next few years’:

New and better systems will arrive that hone your experience and make it more personal to you. One particular will enable you to find your tribe of likeminded people no matter how obscure. Rather than thousands of friends it will focus on smaller niche groups.


Looking forward to the technology that will make our lives easier in the near future, Anne remarked that aritificial intelligence (AI) will have a more significant role in our lives in the coming months. ‘freeing us up to do the work we love’.

She continued:

AI will also play a bigger role in healthcare, with accurate diagnosis and treatment plans.

Vehicle automation will be a big subject with great advances being make. The driverless car could be a few years off but wouldn’t you just love a car that parks itself? It’s not that far away.

Finally, when considering whether or not 2021 will be a more positive year than 2020 – and all fingers and toes crossed that it will be – Anne concluded:

2021 will be a far easier year as we settle back into some form of new normality. We will be aware of what we have learnt from 2020, we will be grateful for things we once took for granted.

We will appreciate our health, our work, our opportunities and the chance to travel and connect with others. There will be a fascination for ‘the old way’ things our ancestors knew, skills they had that we have forgotten.

Whatever comes to pass in the 12 months to come, we wish you and yours a very happy new year.

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