Pub Landlord Puts Up Awesome Sign To Complaining Neighbours


The vast majority of pub landlords are obviously pretty keen to keep their neighbours sweet, but one guy is ripping up the rule book…

We’ve all been there – furiously shushed when leaving the pub after one too many on a Tuesday night – and to be honest it’s probably fair enough, we all need a gentle reminder every now and then.

Pub landlords respect this and as a result we’ve all seen the polite notices, asking us to leave the premises quietly and respect the neighbours.


But what if the pub was there first? What if the the 200-year-old drinking den outdates those hastily erected apartments over the road?

And how about this – after a long week of slogging it out at work, aren’t we entitled to few high spirits at closing time?

Well, one landlord certainly seems to think so – enter his very own twist on the standard ‘polite notice’ reports The Mirror.


Posted on Imgur, the sign reads:

When leaving the premises, please remind our neighbours that drunk people have been loudly leaving this establishment long before they decided to buy houses next door to it.

And it’s fair to say this guy’s notice has actually proved pretty popular, having gained over 200,000 views.

He makes a point to be fair – if you’re the kind of person who needs a solid ten hours sleep at night – maybe don’t move in next door to a pub…