Puppy Saved From Drowning By Owner In Heart Stopping Footage

by : UNILAD on : 18 Aug 2018 09:27
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People often say dog is man’s best friend, but undoubtedly, there are millions of owners who would class them more than just a friend – they’re part of the family.


And for many of us, when it comes to family, we’d do anything for them – and if it came to saving their life – we’d do anything we could to help. I have a dog, I speak from experience.

Earlier this week (Tuesday, August 14), one owner had to come to the rescue of his beloved pooch after the poor little pup fell into their backyard hot tub.

Check out the video below:


In the footage, Bernard Williams is doing his daily fitness regime, which consists of jogging around his pool, in Bakersfield, California.

Mr Williams has two beloved dogs – French bulldogs who go by the name Lola and Adela.

On this particular day however, while they were accompanying him during his exercise, he’d turned around to see one of his pets had slipped and fallen into the hot tub.

Dog falls into poolDog falls into poolCaters

The CCTV footage captures the moment six-month-old Adela loses her footing and stumbles into the hot tub.

After he quickly comes to her rescue, Mr Williams then rubs her down and makes sure she’s safe and well before lifting himself out of the water.

Luckily, Adela seems safe and out of harms way – other than being a little wet! She shakes herself down – probably to try and dry herself a little bit more thoroughly – before continuing on with her day which consisted of a bit more running around in the garden with Lola!


This isn’t the first time a dog’s got into a bit of bother when it comes to water – unfortunately, it probably won’t be the last either!

Two doggos, by the name of Remus and Smokey were in the backyard when the latter got swamped by a pool of chlorine.

A shocked Remus tries everything he can in an attempt to help poor Smokey, who’s trying with all his might to paw his way to safety.

However it isn’t working. The poor pup’s plight becomes greater – check it out:

Remus, quickly thinking on his four paws, then jumps into the pool himself in order to try to bump up Smokey back onto the ground.

Remarkably, it works and little ol’ Smokey is saved.

If stories like this don’t prove just how great dogs are, then I don’t know what will?

dogs drowningdogs drowningViralHog

I’d like to think if push came to shove, my pup – named Laursen – would do anything to save me or our other pets.

I’ve tried the whole pretending to faint in the park when we’re out for walkies, and all he does is run over and start licking my face.


Well in fact, that’s when he was younger, now, if I try to pull any stunts like that, he just watches me fall to the ground and sits there paying more attention to his rubber balls!

LaursenLaursenAnne-Marie Bojan/UNILAD

I share my food and my bed with him and the most I get is an early wake up call when he’s barking at the milkman! Brilliant.

Still, I wouldn’t change him for the world!

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