Puppy Saves Her Family By Finding Hidden Fire Behind Plug Socket

by : Cameron Frew on : 07 Dec 2020 11:22
Puppy Saves Her Family By Finding Hidden Fire Behind Plug Socketwillowthegreat20/Instagram

A brave puppy saved her family after sniffing out a hidden fire behind a plug socket.

Dogs are too pure for this world. Something as simple as a cough or sneeze perks their ears up, often pouncing on top of you to make sure you’re okay. As you walk around the park, they’ll pivot round every now and then to make sure you’re still there.


From a young age, they’re a very defensive pet, always looking to keep their owners out of harm’s way. Willow is a shining example of why dogs are just the best.

Willow Instagramwillowthegreat20/Instagram

The Great Pyrenees is only 10 months old, so she’s still quite excitable and is known for being extra attentive when it comes to her mum, Caitlyn Radel-Paaby. ‘She is a cuddler and loves to give hugs,’ the owner told The Dodo.

On the night before Thanksgiving, Radel-Paaby had returned home from the shop after grabbing some groceries. When she walked through the door, she found her partner and young son downstairs. Strangely, despite always running up to meet her, Willow was nowhere to be found.

Willow Instagram 2willowthegreat20/Instagram

Radel-Paaby went on the hunt through the house, eventually finding the pooch under a desk in their home office. However, she wasn’t just lying there because it was comfy – something had unsettled Willow.

The owner said, ‘[She] went under the desk and started acting really nervous and barking and wouldn’t come out. She even got a little defensive to get our attention and that’s when we noticed the outlet.’

While she wasn’t sure what was going on it first, Radel-Paaby then touched the wall – it was hot. Somehow, the pup had sniffed out an electrical fire before it got out of hand or did any serious damage.

Willow Instagram 3willowthegreat20/Instagram

After calling the fire department, who put out the flames, they said ‘if we hadn’t found it when we did our house would have gone up in flames overnight’. Not only did Willow save their lives, but it would appear she’s managed to cross over the ‘puppy fear stage’.

Radel-Paaby added, ‘She had never done anything like this and we were shocked. She is always making sure her human brother is safe and she clings to me like crazy and usually will alert if something is off, but never anything serious until the outlet.’

If you’re interested in following Willow’s other adventures and updates, you can follow her very own Instagram page here.


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