QAnon Supporters Think Oprah Was Wearing An Ankle Monitor During Interview

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QAnon Supporters Think Oprah Was Wearing An Ankle Monitor During InterviewCBC News: The National/YouTube

Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is one of the most talked-about moments of 2021 so far, containing various allegations against members of the British royal family.

Various topics came to light, including Meghan’s mental health struggles and claims that a member of the royal family had expressed ‘concerns’ about ‘how dark’ baby Archie’s skin would be.


However, QAnon supporters were more focused on a different aspect of the interview, with many believing Oprah had been wearing an ankle tag while conducting the interview.

You can watch a clip from the interview below:

After the broadcast, popular QAnon channel We The Media, which is on the Telegram messaging app, posed the question ‘Oprah ankle monitor?’ to a subscriber base of nearly 200,000, alongside a photo of Oprah’s boots, Newsweek reports.


Various replies on the platform showed a number of QAnon supporters agreeing that this was the case, with Telegram user Roxanne F. writing:

So obvious, first few minutes she was strategically keeping both her feet behind that little table then got comfortable or forgot about need to conceal it … she should fire the camera man.

Another Telegram user, named Mrs Kennedy, asked channel members:

People keep arguing that it’s a microphone pack… but why would that be on your ankle?


QAnon Supporters Think The Harry And Meghan Interview Was Completely CGI

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A third user, named Stroud Mom, said:

At the furthest point away from the mouth, and where the microphone would pick up on any time she repositioned herself, in her seat? I don’t think so.

The screenshot that has caused all this excitement shows what appears to be a slight bulge in one of Oprah’s boots, which looks to me simply to be the way the shoe had creased. There’s no evidence to suggest Oprah had actually been wearing an ankle tag, but this did not deter the conspiracy theorists.


Similar discussions were also reportedly being held on the Q-Tip and Qtah Telegram channels, which have over 93,000 and 66,000 subscribers respectively. The theory has even gained some traction on Twitter.

This latest conspiracy theory comes just days after QAnon followers were proven wrong in regards to their prediction that Donald Trump would return to the oval office on March 4.

Some of the conspiracy theorists were even convinced that the former president would be ‘sworn in as the true leader of the New Republic’, with John F. Kennedy Jr. acting as his ‘second in command’.

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