Quality Street Have Just Dropped This Chocolate And People Are Pissed Off


Have you ever thought, there is definitely too much toffee repetition in a box of Quality Street.

If you’re like me and ponder this every time you have a box or five, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Nestle have balanced out the inequality (that’s a first for them).

The classic Toffee Deluxe, created in 1919, has been replaced with a much younger and sexier Honeycomb Crunch, the Sun reports.

I think the decision was pretty fair, but my goodness don’t the British public just hate change:

Who knew that the Toffee Deluxe was the pinnacle of some people’s Christmases?

He makes a good point, what is wrong with everyone?

The brown-wrappered chewy toffee has been a backbone of the box since 1930… this one was never the last one left.

I agree about the Strawberry Cream too (don’t hurt me). Toffee lovers need not despair though because there is still the toffee penny and toffee finger to get your teeth into.

It does sadden me to tell you that the little paper menu will no longer be included in the octagonal tub and the menu will instead be printed onto the side of the tub.

Personally, I always loved the menu. It made me feel like I was in a chocolate restaurant.

There is good news for you Toffee Deluxe enthusiasts, however, it is not the end of the road. Because Toffee Deluxe is such an important part of the confectioner’s history, Nestle will continue to sell the sweet as part of toffee specific packs.

But onto the new – the regal golden wrapper makes the new honeycomb addition stand out in the tub.


It is meant to resemble a bee with its barrel-shaped design with three horizontal ridges. On the inside, the solid truffle is laced with delicious honeycomb pieces.

From the horse’s mouth, a spokesman from Nestle said to the Sun:

We have introduced the Honeycomb Crunch to celebrate Quality Street’s 80th birthday and also as a reaction to public opinion.

We went out and conducted surveys about what people wanted, their response was that there was too much toffee so the decision to make a change was made.

The honeycomb crunch tested really well with consumers, they loved the idea and the flavour, which we have not used before.

We have not introduced a new sweet since the Milk Chocolate Block in 2007 so we thought the time was right.

We wanted Toffee Deluxe to still be available as it is synonymous with the Quality Street brand so created a special toffee product.


We’ve got to be pragmatic guys!

Remember when voted to leave Europe? That was a huge change and…

…nah, I take it back, change is shit.