‘Racist’ Passenger Filmed Wearing Blackface On The Tube And Asks ‘Why Not?’


A tube passenger has been branded racist after wearing a ‘blackface’ Halloween costume and not admitting there was an issue with it. 

Footage of the man – who wore an afro wig and suit alongside his dark face paint – was shared online yesterday (October 27), after the passenger was spotted on the Central Line of the London Underground.

Some people online suggested the man was attempting to recreate the look of Samuel L. Jackson’s Pulp Fiction character, Jules Winnfield.

Pulp Fiction Samuel L JacksonMiramax

The video was shared on Twitter, but has since been deleted, with the caption:

It’s 2018 ? How is this still happening ?

Another passenger on the tube could be heard telling the man his costume was offensive, saying:

It’s a bit racist that you put black make-up on.

In response, the man shrugged and didn’t acknowledge the issue with wearing black face paint, simply saying ‘why not?’.

Blackface was used in theatres in the past, where white actors would use greasepaint or or shoe polish to darken their skin and often wear woolly wigs in an attempt to portray and mock stereotypes of black people for supposed comedic effect.

The footage of the man in costume has since been shared online over 4,000 times, with many Twitter users sharing their opinion of the controversial costume.

Many people were outraged by the use of blackface, with one person writing:

Blackface + the ARROGANCE of him arguing has me HEATED. [sic]

While another angry viewer wrote:

omg i saw this guy from behind on the tube escalator but i didn’t see the blackface or i would have clocked him [sic]

Responding to someone who didn’t see the issue with his costume, one person explained the connotations associated with blackface:

It’s not the fact that he is dressed up as someone black, it’s the fact he painted his face black.

Blackface was always used (by white people) as something negative. They would exaggerated our features and make fun of us. Dressing up, fine. Blackface, never acceptable. [sic]

Another shocked viewer shared the video and commented on how little the man seemed to care how he was offending others, writing:

His shrug of the shoulders and utter nonchalance with the woman next to him looking bemused is probably the most scary thing about this video #its2018 #WhitePrivilege. [sic]

However, some viewers defended the man’s choice to wear blackface.

One Twitter user tried to stand up for the man by comparing his costume to people dressing up as leprechauns on St Patrick’s Day, writing:

I mean people dress in green on st Patrick’s day and act like leprechauns and you don’t get up in arms. [sic]

While another thought people were overreacting to the video:

Not sure why dressing up as a black celebrity is classed as racist, id not be offended if someone black whited up as a white celebrity, i think the problem is people being over sensitive, people tend to cry over everything and anything they can. [sic]

Unbelievable. The man’s costume was truly shocking.

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