Radio Host Terminates Interview After Realising You Can’t Grow Concrete

by : Emily Brown on : 26 Oct 2021 14:42
Radio Host Terminates Interview After Realising You Can’t Grow Concrete@talkRADIO/Twitter

Radio host Mike Graham brought an interview with an Insulate Britain activist to an abrupt end after having the on-air realisation that you can’t grow concrete. 

‘You can grow all sorts of things, can’t you?’, Graham asked activist Cameron Ford during the interview on talkRadio today, October 26.


It goes without saying that in making this statement, Graham was absolutely correct. You can grow all sorts of things, including food, flowers and grass. One thing you cannot grow, no matter how hard you might try, is concrete.

Mixer pouring concrete (Alamy)Alamy

Most people probably don’t need to be told this, but Graham found himself being educated on the matter during his interview with Ford, which began with the host asking the activist what he does for a living.

Ford responded to say he works as a carpenter, after which Graham asked how ‘safe’ the job is ‘for the climate’.


The Insulate Britain member responded: ‘Well I work with timber, which is a much more sustainable material rather than concrete…’

Before Ford could continue, Graham jumped in to point out that working with timber means working with ‘trees that have been cut down’. Ford, however, stood by his argument that it is a ‘sustainable building practice’ by explaining that the process is ‘regenerative’, saying: ‘You can grow trees.’

Check out the interview below:


It was at this point that Graham uttered his entirely correct line, ‘you can grow all sorts of things’, to which Ford responded with the equally correct statement: ‘Well you can’t grow concrete’.

‘You can’, Graham argued.

Given that this comment was factually incorrect, Ford didn’t feel the need to try and argue back, instead leaving the radio host to consider his words and hopefully come to the realisation that there actually aren’t any cement trees lying around.


Graham did appear to come to this conclusion, but rather than apologising for his mistake, he decided to shut down the interview altogether, bringing it to an end less than a minute after it began.

It’s no surprise that Graham has since been at the centre of numerous online jokes, with one person sharing a picture of a concrete floor and writing: ‘here’s a garden I’ve grown, looks lush doesn’t it?’

Another joked: ‘BRB, gonna grow some concrete for my basement refinish.’


As Graham probably won’t live this one down, maybe someone should try to make him feel better about the blunder by sending him a nice bouquet of freshly grown concrete slabs.

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