Random Guy Gets Into Woman’s Car And Sh*ts Everywhere


Warning: Graphic Content

Woman finds man pooing in her car

A woman got a nasty surprise after she returned from the grocery store to find a stranger who started sh*tting himself in her car. 

Finding a random person in your car would be alarming enough in itself, but for them to then poo everywhere? You’d probably rather they stole it to be honest.

The unsuspecting woman, Jeana Fidler, went shopping with her kids and left the car in the car park, presumably expecting it to be safe there.

Unfortunately it seemed the mother left the car unlocked, and so a man decided to get inside. At this point the family returned from the shop, and Jeana’s son spotted the intruder.

Sharing her story on Facebook, the disgusted woman explained:

I went to the grocery store after baseball practice at Kroger in Canton with my kids and came out to find someone sitting INSIDE in the drivers side seat of MY car.

I had my keys with me, I thought it was locked but I guess not.

The drivers side door was slightly open and It freaked my oldest son (age 11) and he found him sitting in the drivers seat and said “Mom, there’s someone inside our van”.

Seriously… I went to the grocery store after baseball practice at Kroger in Canton with my kids and came out to find…

Posted by Jeana Fidler on Monday, 3 June 2019

The mother confronted the man and told him to get out of the car, but all of a sudden there was a bigger problem to focus on; the intruder began pooing right there on the driver’s seat.

He quite literally sh*t himself after getting caught.

Jeana continued:

I told him to get out of my car! And he literally starting sh*tting diarrhea and it leaking out the bottom of his basketball shorts everywhere inside my new van.

The horrified woman called the police and the man was arrested, but poor Jeana was left to deal with the mess he left behind by herself.

In the Facebook post, she added:

Now I have to clean up this mess MYSELF. Its saturated in my seat and in the carpet on the floor boards. I am so over it today

Thanks to Ashley at Kroger for helping me with the supplies to clean up the mess and Canton PD for coming to help out.

What a mess. Why do things like this happen to me… why? I cant catch a break.

I really feel for Jeana – this is one of those situations that you couldn’t ever imagine happening, least of all to yourself.

Hopefully she managed to successfully remove all traces of the man!

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