Real Wolf Of Wall Street’s Advice To 25-Year-Old On 60K Salary Has People In Disbelief

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Real Wolf of Wall Street's Advice To 25-Year-Old On 60K Salary Has People In Disbelief @wolfofwallstreet/TikTok

Real-life ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Jordan Belfort has left TikTokers baffled over his questionable advice to a 25-year-old who is already making $60,000 per year. 

It goes without saying that $60,000 is a great wage at any age, let alone in your mid-20s, and as a 25-year-old myself I can say I personally would not scoff at seeing a twelfth of that get deposited into my bank account every month.


It seems Belfort would not be quite as satisfied, however, as he advised this particular 25-year-old to ‘think bigger’ when it came to his career and earnings.

See his video below:


His advice came in response to a question pitched by the 25-year-old, who asked the entrepreneur what his ‘best advice’ would be for someone of his age working a 9-5 job.


Making no effort to sugar-coat his opinion, Belfort replied: ‘Quit this job. Get a better job, you’ve got to think bigger’.

The 25-year-old hadn’t clarified any particular life goals in his question to Belfort, but the Wolf of Wall Street spoke with the assumption that he was hoping to make the big bucks – even more so than he is already – as he continued: ‘You’re never going to get rich, you’re never going to get ahead in life and have financial security working for someone else on a salary punching a clock.’

Belfort expressed the belief that following a pattern of getting a ‘good job’ and working for ’30 years’ is no longer enough to fund future retirement, saying bluntly that anyone who chooses that path will ‘die or retire with no money and have no independence’.

Jordan Belfort (Alamy)Alamy

Instead, then, Belfort advised developing a ‘side hustle’ and getting a ‘second source of income’ such as real estate, stocks or cryptocurrency before transitioning into it full time.

The video of Belfort sharing his advice has racked up more than two million views since being posted earlier this week, though not everyone is convinced by how sound his suggestions really are.

One person responded to warn the 25-year-old not to quit their job, writing ‘$60k at 25 is very good’, while another commented: ‘Bro DO NOT take this man’s advice. I love his content, but 60k at 25 is BALLIN’.

With a net worth of $100 million I suppose it’s safe to say Belfort is someone who knows how to make money, though considering some of his past earnings came from illegal activity, it’s probably best we don’t all follow in his footsteps.


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