Record Breaking Heatwave To Hit UK This Week

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The UK is mere days away from enjoying a record-breaking heatwave as a huge storm in the Atlantic sends a front of hot air over from the tropics.

The massive bout of great weather will be preceded by torrential storms tonight and tomorrow, according to reports, which will unleash 60mph winds and downpours.

Along with the rain and heat, obviously, huge amounts of humidity will come, with some places in the UK looking at levels of 95 per cent.

The storm is apparently the most powerful to form in the Atlantic at this time of year since 2013, according to the Portuguese meteorological service.


Up to two inches of rain will cover some parts of the UK over the next 24 hours, which will cause flash floods, but the worst of the storm will be held at bay by high-pressure from France and western Germany.

These two competing weather forces will create a ‘conveyor belt’ for tropical air to come from Portugal all the way up to the UK, with the hottest weather expected to hit by Thursday.

The weather is an average of 15C higher for this time of year, and is expected to hold for the rest of the week and the weekend, with sunshine and blue skies for most of the country.

The Met Office has issued a weather warning in southwest Scotland tonight, (April 16) and meteorologists are warning to brace for strong winds across western Britain from tomorrow.


He told the Express:

We have a very deep area of low pressure out in the Atlantic which, after having undergone explosive cyclogenesis, will pull warm air originating from the Azores into Britain.

It’s not all good weather for some over the next couple of days as this will bring some pretty strong winds and tricky shipping conditions.

It’s the first time we’ve seen a low-pressure system on this scale at this time of year since 2013 and it is quite remarkable.

There’ll be some rather wet and windy weather across western Scotland tonight with further unsettled conditions in western parts of the next couple of days.

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The eastern parts of the nation will get the benefits of the hot weather, with none of the stormy fronts to contend with; they’ll have nothing but blue skies.

Temperatures are expected to drop slightly by the weekend, but will still reportedly be well above the average for this time of year, according to predictions.


Mr West said:

This is such a big area of low pressure it’s actually drawing warm air up from the tropics and bringing it into the UK.

We’ve got a sort of conveyor belt of warm air being pulled up from the Atlantic through the next couple of days.

Towards mid-week a region of high pressure will build over France and western Germany, putting Britain in a battleground between both pressure systems.

The north and west will continue to experience some wet and windy weather while the south and east, which are closer to this high, will continue to enjoy high temperatures and dry conditions.

The whole of the UK’s weather over the next few days will be coming up from the warm part of the Atlantic.

We are seeing temperatures higher than average for the time of year, we expect to see around 25C (77F) on Thursday.

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