Redditor Gets ‘Fraped’ With Gay Status, Backfires In Best Possible Way


We all let our guard down every once in a while don’t we – leaving our laptop open while we nip to the loo, or lending a friend your phone. To be fair, the least you can expect is a friendly ‘fraping’, a cheeky little status update or an awkward friend request.

This poor Redditor, who posted to the generally hilarious ‘Today I Fucked Up’ (TIFU) thread, wishes that’s all he got. The ‘frape’ is inspired, but really it’s the response that is truly heartwarming.

Let’s hand over to the_doolittle to hear how this one unfolded when he left his laptop unattended for a few minutes in his school cafeteria before his classes started. 

I sit down in my first class of the day at 9 AM, and feel my phone start to go off. From the time I was in the cafeteria until the class when I was able to open my laptop, 3.5 hours had passed or so. I open the tabs again to find that I had apparently made a facebook post about being gay, but not a normal ‘hehe i m a feg lel’ post, but a real, thought out post about being gay. And that’s not even the part that makes me cringe…

What surprised me was the amount of overwhelming support I received, from family, friends, even my youth pastor. The post got 236 likes, easily beating my most-liked statuses by hundreds of likes. It seemed from the comments that people had been expecting this to happen for a long time.

What’s worse, is now, I have no way to let them down easily. People have sent me e-cards, money through facebook messenger, my parents have texted me and their friends about it, even my sister has been acting as a spokesperson of mine as I have been blatantly ignoring social media for the 3-4 hours since this morning.

Now, I am not sure what to do because I feel like if I tell everyone the truth they will either not believe me, or dislike me for this incident. This isn’t just high school friends who can take a joke, it’s real people who I have been building friendships with for years and parents and friends of friends and all these people who have been so caring and helpful to me through this fake event that happened this morning.

Just tell them mate, say thanks for all the support but it was a really well executed Facebook prank. Great work though.