Redditors Reveal What It’s Like To Have A Mail Order Bride


You hear the words ‘mail order bride’ and you instantly think of a lonely, overweight, middle-aged man slobbering over photos of beautiful young Thai women.

But exactly how accurate is this vision? Do mail order marriages work out? Do couples who have never met and come from vastly different cultures – one of them often thousands of miles removed from everything they know – ever live happily ever after?

One Redditor posed the question ‘To anyone who has ordered a mail order bride, what was it like and what happened?

And as you can imagine people were only too willing to share their tales. Admittedly the majority are second hand – it seems like people who are actually part of mail-order relationships aren’t that keen to share…

But anyway, it sounds like they mirror marriage in general – some work out, some don’t.


Here are some of the best answers… 

And a couple of nice ones to finish…

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So it can work out!