Research Reveals How You Can Get Paid More Money In Your Job

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Like the majority of workers out there, you probably think that the key to a frequent pay rise is working hard and showing commitment and dedication, but apparently that’s not too true. 

Shockingly, in the dog eat dog rat race that is a working life, more often than not showing your loyalty amounts to nothing more than being utterly done over.

So what is the answer? Well according to the Resolution Foundationto ensure you get that much needed raise you should switch jobs more often.

As reported by City A.M, a pay rise is three times more likely for 19-29 year olds who switch jobs often rather than those who stay put.

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Darain Faraz, Global Communications Manager of LinkedIn, said:

Even if you’re not actively job hunting, promoting yourself professionally will put you on the radar of businesses looking for great talent, paving the way for new opportunities to boost your career (and your bank balance).

He also gave a series of tips for those looking to improve up their game, writing:

When you apply for a new job or approach a potential new employer, the likelihood is that they will look you up online, so it’s important to make sure your digital footprint gives a good first impression.

Bring your skills to life by attaching examples of work, presentations and achievements to your online professional profile to actively demonstrate your experience to employers.

Although it can be daunting, putting yourself forward to attend events and industry functions will get you seen and give you the chance to network with new people offline. You never know who might open a door to your next career move.

I’m off to hand my notice in anyhow…