Retired War Vet Given A Job After Complaining Of ‘Dying Of Boredom’


The former soldier in search of a job to prevent him ‘dying from boredom’ and living off benefits has just embarked on his new career.

The 89-year-old Devonshire man, Joe Bartley, has successfully landed a job in his local cafe after acing his interview, reports the Torquay Herald Express.

The retired soldier will commence employment as a waiter at the Cantina Kitchen and Bar on Sunday, after proving a hit with customers on his trail shifts this week.


The widower placed a job-seeking ad for his services in a local paper, reading ‘Save me from dying of boredom!’

Bartley, the now retired veteran, is used to an active life. He was a member of the Airborne Forces and served with the Army in Palestine just after the Second World War. He was later self employed as a signwriter.

Bartely and his wife, Cassie, never had children and after her passing last year Joe has been keeping busy with domestic upkeep, doing jobs around the home and becoming a keen gardener. But clearly, this man has a lot more to give.


The pensioner, who served as a wireless operator with the 6th Airborne Divisional Signals in Palestine after the war, said:

I don’t think I’ve had a job interview before. I’m joyfully surprised at the outcome – I’m really glad I got it. You don’t see anybody where I am, in a flat, so I’m looking forward to getting involved and meeting people.

It seems Bartley has thrown himself into working life and is already a popular addition to Cantina’s staff, impressing the owners with his ‘lust for life’. One woman even took a shine to the young-at-heart man.

He explained, ‘I’ve spoken to a lot of people here already. They all seem really nice and one lady gave me a kiss.’


Cantina co-owner, Kate Allen said, ‘We’re really looking forward to having him’ and the rest of the staff – some of whom are as young as 14 – gladly welcomed Joe into his new role cleaning and preparing veg at the cafe near his home in Paignton, Devon.

This man is a true inspiration. We wish Joe all the best.