Rich Kid Of Instagram Who’s ‘Too Pretty’ To Work ‘Faked Her Lifestyle’

by : Tom Percival on : 21 Aug 2016 15:53
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It turns out that living the high-life is actually a lot more difficult than it looks and actually takes a whole lot of work.


Julia Stakhiva, who proclaimed herself ‘too pretty to work’, claims that she’s the daughter of a Russian billionaire, but everything’s not as it seems and Stakhiva may be faking her wealth.

Guardian columnist Marina Hyde, claims that Julia’s been lying about her fancy Kensington home because it actually belongs to Hyde’s mother-in-law not Julia, The Mirror reports.

Julia Stakhiva actually just rents a room in the house, which she found via website spareroom.co.uk, and claims that while the real owner was away Julia invited photographers into the property and lied on the release forms.


She went on to use these photos to form the background to her ‘Rich Kids shenanigans’.

Hyde wrote:

Various photoshoots also seem to have taken place. It is hard to pick a standout, but for me it’s probably edged by the snap of her reclining on my mother-in-law’s bed, stroking the latter’s cat in a casually proprietorial fashion.

Stakhiva made a controversial appearance on This Morning recently where she told hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford she was ‘too beautiful’ to work.

And angered viewers with a number of infuriating comments about her £2million wardrobe, her collection of designer handbags and taking six flights a year to Russia to get her hair done.

Speaking to The Mirror, an ITV source said they’d done all the usual checks on Stakhiva including her Rich Kids of Instagram and they had ‘no reason to doubt her’.

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